Coco shopping

I scored some good stuff while at Coco.  While on the FIDM tour, we made a pit stop in the scholarship store and low and behold, the last Friday of the month is 50% off day!

The first score is about 5 yards of very wide fabric.  It feels very linen like and in fact, I’m sure it must be linen.  The photograph got the color right.  So the color,feel and amount of the fabric says some sort of walking suit-in the later years, probably 1890’s.  I’m playing with the idea of dying it.  But I’ve never dyed that much fabric before.  I also got a couple of lace yokes that I think could work as collars.  And there is some lace ribbon too.  If I keep the color of the fabric the same, I may tea stain the lace to take some of the stark white out.  It feels too harsh a contrast.


I bought two pieces of leather that I think are big enough to try my hand at glove making.  Every other pair of gloves I have picked up have either looked far to modern or far too small.  Leather stretches some but lets face it, they wont go from pencil thin to sausage thick!  I will definitely need to do a mock up to make sure my glove pattern will fit me because there is no wiggle room for mistakes!  I also need to do some research on how to cut and sew leather as I have never done this before!


The above bits cost me $17.  I was torn between laughing and crying with joy when I heard the price.  I’d NEVER in a million years find that kind of deal at home!

Next, I went to the FIDM student book store.  I found these French Curves for $7.  My local fabric store has them for a much higher cost.  I couldn’t justify the expense.


When I went to the market at Coco, I found these metal buttons and figured they would be a wonderful addition to the costume kit I am building.


I also found some coutiel, which I can’t find in my local fabric store. I have wanted to take another run at corset making and knew my biggest problem with my first attempt was not coutiel-my corset stretched on first wearing.  I snapped this package up because it saves me the cost of shipping.   I also prefer shopping in person to on line shopping.  I like to see and feel what I am buying.147

I got a pretty good haul at the bargain basement.  I got some random trim that I have no plans for yet but I know one day….

I picked up some plaid because I have been wanting to try working with that again.


One of the plaids and another plain fabric seemed like they may make good contrasts fabrics for my linen suit kit. I also picked up some plain buttons that may work as well.198

So my sewing line up is: finish my Spanish inspired gown (Just need to finish the waist band and make the belt), sew the paisley I bought last December into an 1840’s dress, then the gloves, the corset and then the walking suit.  I also have two or three knitting projects in the line up as well.  Whew!  I need to retire so I can have more time!

3 thoughts on “Coco shopping

  1. Leiflynn Jeffery, Melfort, Saskatchewan says:

    Well Miss Wanda, thanks so much for taking me with you on your fantastic adventure. I really enjoyed seeing all the things you were up to and the costumes you ran into. FAntastic!! So exactly how did you get your costumes there, and how did you get your haul back? You must be a magician! I get my corset stuff from Farthingales a Canadian company and Linda is just great with shipping and helping. I look forward to seeing your new creations from your new purchases which all look great. What patterns do you use? I am going to take a sewing class from Jennifer of Historicalsewing on making a bustle dress and so looking forward to doing this and getting something Victorian made. Again, I am looking forward to seeing more of your stuff from CoCo and thanks so much for your posts.

    • Thanks Leiflynn, I’m pleased to share with you my packing trick….next post! I don’t know how I could have done it with out it! I’ve heard of Farthingales and have checked them out. Being a Canadian company, I know I wasn’t going to get burnt to badly on shipping but I do like to see fabric and wool in person (paw it a bit). When I figure out busk size, I will likely be ordering from them. Apparently, you pick your busk after you get your mock up figured out. For my dresses, I use Truly Victorian patterns. They are idiot proof, reasonably priced, shipping isn’t to bad and they come pretty quick. They are also made of sturdy paper so there is more than a prayer that you can use them for multiple projects. I wish you great success on your first Victorian dress! Perhaps you can send me a photograph (or better yet start a blog and invite me to be a reader!) I’d love to see it!

  2. […] have decided what I want to do with the linen I bought at […]

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