HSF 2016: #6 Travel

The Challenge: #6 Travel.  I made it for when I travel to a Dickens Festival this winter. (Unbeknownst to me when I started this project, I would be changing jobs and not likely traveling to the Festival this year because of starting back at square one with vacation time.)


Material: synthetic blend material likely intended for curtains

Pattern: TV242 Revered Skirt

Year: 1863

Notions: Lace, Ribbon, Buttons, Hook and eye


How historically accurate is it? The pattern is good.  Fiber content is not.  The floral pattern in the weave may be a bit too big.  The fibers seem a bit too thick as well.  The color is pretty good.  I machine sewed a lot and machines were around but not that common, certainly not in this part of Canada.  The notions are made of modern materials but look the part (if you don’t get too close).  This likely would be used for a visiting dress for an upper middle class woman.  The silhouette would be better if my hoops weren’t collapsing under the weight.  I’m going to have to invest in hoop steel.  The tubing from the hardware store is not cutting the mustard. 40-45% accurate.

Hours to complete: This skirt was supposed to be done in June but it took way longer.  It is the most work I’ve ever had to do on a skirt and it fought me all the way!  I have no idea how many hours it took.

First worn: not yet

Total cost: I’m guessing here…it has been awhile…about $80.  I have to sacrifice in the accuracy department to save money (and time.)

I think it is done but there is a possibility I will add some black ribbon to the lace layer to tie it in a bit more to the rest of the trim or perhaps another more ruffled layer of lace.  The harsh edge of the salvage bothers me.  ( I think an actual hem would bother me more.)  That whole lace layer is bugging me a bit.  The lace layer on my inspiration fashion plate (the dress on the left), matches the main color of the dress, not the trim.  But the dress on the right has some contrast.  It is done for now.  I will wear it a time or two and see if I feel inspired to “fix” it.tv242colorfin

2 thoughts on “HSF 2016: #6 Travel

  1. Leiflynn Jeffery, Melfort, Saskatchewan says:

    Very nice. If the raw edge on your lace bothers you what about adding a scallop edge to it. On the bodiced dress it looks like a small scallop may be on it. On the wedding gowns I alter they have a scallop on the lace hems which is separate piece sewn at the bottom and you just remove and move up to shorten (lots of picking to remove). I think it is fun gathering materials to make the creations and especially laces and trims, you need so much! Can you imagine not having a sewing machine to do these dresses! My fingers get so sore and forget about using a thimble I can’t find one that fits!!! All the best I am pleased to see your Dickens visiting dress it looks good.

    • I had some scalloped lace but not enough and I just don’t want to spend more money on this. So I think I have worked out and idea that will fix the problem. But several more hours of work to go…sigh.

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