Apron: I couldn’t resist

A few weekends ago, the hubby and I checked out a few antique shops. We made a stop at The Old House Revival Company, which is a multiple vendor shop that has old house fixtures, furniture, knickknacks and clothing for sale.  I saw many things I wanted…many of which I could afford, but I couldn’t justify them.  Except for one thing.  An apron that was beautifully trimmed and starched to near cardboard crispness.  That I couldn’t resist!  IMG_20160807_121745

I will find a way to make this useful.  Perhaps, dear Victorian at Heart girls, I will host a costumed tea this winter.  You will come to my non-Victorian home and pretend you are my Victorian girlfriends come to tea and a hand sewing/knit session.  May be we will get really authentic and watch a Victorian themed movie!

Are there any apron experts that can tell me what the best time period would be for this apron and if there is anything I should do to make is more Victorian.  Did they have the neck strap or was the bib just pinned on?  IMG_20160807_115725766

5 thoughts on “Apron: I couldn’t resist

  1. Leiflynn Jeffery, Melfort, Saskatchewan says:

    That is one pretty apron. Could it be more Edwardian than Victorian in the later Edwardian era? I would wear it regardless. Pick me to come for tea! Wow would that be super fun! What good shopping you have, we have nothing I can find. I could break into a museum but maybe not. I like the looks of your under dress as well. Good job of finding.

    • I found this in a section of the antique store that seemed to be more reproductions than actual antiques. I’m just looking for some tips on when I could use it with my costumes with a reasonable degree of possibility. I got a tip to look into when Battenberg lace came into being.

  2. severn14 says:

    I love it! That Battenburg lace is so pretty! And, because I’ve been looking into lace lately, I think Battenburg and other tape laces became popular in the late 19th century. I’d say check out 1890s and Edwardian stuff for similar aprons, maybe?

    I would love to have tea with you and do hand-sewing/knitting projects!

  3. […] this summer, I gave into my impulse to buy an apron.  I wondered if it was a viable option for wearing with costumes.  My biggest concern was the […]

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