Project progress

I have three projects on the go.  I am knitting my Canadian cloud.  Lord knows when it will be finished.  Stupid things takes 45 minutes per row and each row progresses the thing 1/8 of an inch (3 mm).  It needs to be a yard long (just shy of a meter). It is small and piddly and so I struggle with my eyes getting tired, my mind getting bored or my time running out.  I am averaging 5 rows a week.  I may finish it next year!img_20160828_115754412.jpg

For the month of August, Historical Sew Monthly has a pattern challenge.  I’ve got 3 or 4 days to go…. and I’ve only got the thing cut out!img_20160828_115812715.jpg

My Spanish dress is done but it does need a hat before I wear it out next week.  This is my inspiration.1860hat2

I found a mans straw hat at a thrift store and I soaked it and chopped it to reshape it.  I should have taken a before picture but forgot/got too lazy to set up the camera.  It is a standard man’s hat that looked a lot like this one.



I tried to separate the strips by cutting just the sewing but some of the straw still broke and will be very rough so today I think I will be covering the edges in bias tape (and calling it a decorative choice rather than a necessity) and hopefully trimming it.

The hat project seems the best choice for today as I am stoned on my migraine medication and sewing or knitting would be a very bad choice indeed! Writing a blog post is likely a bad move too.  Tomorrow, I could be looking at it and thinking “this is gibberish!”

I now head to Netflix and commence sewing down my trim….

2 thoughts on “Project progress

  1. Leiflynn Jeffery, Melfort, Saskatchewan says:

    What are you making a cloud for? Yowsers you are going to be knitting that for ever! Good luck. Poor you with a migraine, sure glad I don’t get them. Have you looked at Festive Attire’s blog? She has good had ideas. Your idea for your hat looks very fetching and sounds like your ideas to get it done will be fun. I fall down big time in hat designing.

    • The Canadian cloud is basically a long wide scarf that gets wrapped around the head in cold weather. I’m hoping our group will do more cold weather events in the future (we typically stop early December). I do follow Festive Attire’s blog and her stuff is amazing! I have many costuming heroes!

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