The hat is done-not

The hat is done-or not.  Some how it isn’t as cute as the drawing. This outfit is resisting being made!




I may look at it again in a day or two and decide if the following changes need to happen.  Change 1) shave that corner off that sticks out over the ear and behind the tie.  In the drawing, the corner is hidden under the tie.  I could try moving the tie but then I think the hat will slip backwards on my head rather than pulling the hat down onto my head.

Change 2) change the lace so that it curves rather than bends where the tie attaches.

Change 3) I have the two layers in the brim but you can’t see the lower one in mine.  I think if I wire the top layer, the two layers would be more pronounced.IMG_20160828_194902688

Change 4) Smaller flowers.  Definitely, smaller flowers.

2 thoughts on “The hat is done-not

  1. nonnaree says:

    I agree about removing the bend in the lace, curving it instead. I also suggest you not dip it too low: a close inspection of the inspiration hat reveals that the crown is shorter and a gentler curve would disguise the higher crown. As for the other issues, however you decide to do is just personal preference as each hat was to the wearer’s taste. But the *shape* would’ve been consistent. Outfit is looking good!

  2. […] done so I opted for the cute little number I have been showing you.  I wasn’t happy with my first version and came up with a few ideas that might fix it.  I decided most of the ideas were too labor […]

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