Turn the page: lady and gentlemen

Its been ages since I’ve done one of these.  For those you just popping by for a visit, a quick explanation.  Last year, the Hubby bought me a cabinet card album for our anniversary and I have been sharing the pages, one by one, with you good folks.  We are near the end of the book now, which typically, has carte de visites. IMG_20160724_183532849

I don’t have the energy to deal with all 8 of these in one sitting so we will focus on the left page.  The first is a bearded gentleman.IMG_20160724_184605

Full beard, not so full head of hair.  He is sporting a comb over.  Not the worse one I have seen!  There is some sort of cord around his neck.  I wonder what that is.  Anyone have any thoughts on that?

The back of the card has some writing that I think says J Little Photo Peterboro… Ont.


I’m taking a direct quote from this web site regarding the photographer:

James Little (1830-1910) and his wife Jane (nee Darling) (1840-1905) lived in Peterborough for about a dozen years, from 1874 to 1886. Little is one of the best-known Peterborough photographers because of his spectacular 1875 shots from the top of St. John’s Church and from the top of the Bradburn Opera building. He dominated the photographic exhibits at the Peterborough fairs in 1878, 1879 and 1880. James Little took over the photography shop that had been Robert Thompson’s, in the two-storey building on the east side of George just north of Simcoe Street. He was listed in the Ontario Gazeteer for 1885 as a photographer on George Street.

It appears that James Little and his wife returned to her family roots, and they farmed in Dummer Township.

And according to the above quote, the picture was taken between 1874 and 1886.

The next subject on the page is a woman.IMG_20160724_184706

I associate bangs with the 1880’s but the hair piled on top and trailing down the back seems more 1870’s.  Oval pictures were popular in the 70’s.  There is no further information on who this woman was or where she came from.

The third person is another male.IMG_20160724_184744There is print on the back of this one.IMG_20160724_184757 A quote from this site:

…the photographer John Palmer Clarke who was based at 7 Angel Hill & 31 Abbeygate St Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. …He was in business in Bury St Edmunds from 1868 to 1903. He was an assistant to his father from 1868 until approximately  1891 . His father John W Clarke had retired to Felixstowe and he took over the family business.

Since the carte has the initials JP and not JW, I assume it was taken after JP took over the business in 1891 and before he left it in 1903.

The last gentleman on the page is this fellow.  And this is a tin type and not a carte de visite.IMG_20160724_184818

It is wonderfully clear.  This technique was popular in the 1860’s-70’s but was not unheard of into the 1900’s.  Perhaps someone with greater knowledge of men’s fashions can hazard a guess on the date for me.



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