1845 German Day dress

I have started my next dress.  I am using Truly Victorian’s 1845 German Day Dress pattern (TV454).  My usual routine is to name my dresses and since a nice German girl is about to join my family, I will name it after her-the Atessa dress. (I know that is not a common German name.)

This dress is being made from fabric I bought at the Dickens Festival I went to last December. There it is, in the bag in front of Shirley.39

The dress will be made from the same pattern as the one I used to make the dress I was wearing when I bought the fabric-only the gathered option.12310673_751583061612213_145770062943216842_n

I am pleased to say that it is coming together with far less hassle than the Spanish Dress did.  The bodice is together and the sleeves are started.

With any luck, I will have the sleeves assembled and in by the end of the day. (Please be sleeves and not sleevils.) This is doable because it is a stat holiday here in Canada (Happy Labor Day!) If I am REALLY productive, I will get the boning in and the neck line piped as well.

Then the plan is the get the skirt panels together and carriage pleated during the work week so I can attach it to the dress next weekend.  In my dream world, I also have it hemmed and the closers put in next weekend!


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