Oh no she di’n’t!

Actually, “she” did make several silly mistakes! The sleeves were a little bit evil.  I took great care to keep all the pieces organized so that left stayed with left and right with right.  But, alas, I spent too much time keeping that straight and I made a dumb mistake that was only caught after I joined the inner and outer sleeves together.  It seems I put the piping on the wrong side for both sleeves.img_20160905_133936851.jpg

I discovered my error when I sewed the layers together and flipped them right way out…the piping was not visible…it was totally hidden inside the sleeve.

I took them apart and reattached the piping to the correct side and proceeded forward- making another big mistake.  Oh, the piping showed just fine but I couldn’t get the top lined up for basting together.img_20160905_132454141.jpg

That would be because the inner and outer layer were bending in opposite directions!  More stitch ripping.  My stitch ripper got a good work out!

Once I got past this nonsense I made good progress.img_20160905_143808762.jpg

The sleeves are attached.  The neck line has been piped and tacked down.  The bottom edge is piped and the boning is in.  Nothing left to do with the bodice except the closure and I wont do that until the skirt is attached.

During this process, I have learned that I still hate boning but I actually like piping.  (I went a bit crazy with the piping on this bodice!) Boning is a necessary evil.  I find it a time consuming bore.  I have avoided piping in past projects because I thought it would be a time consuming bore as well, and an unnecessary one at that.  But, this time I made a mile of the stuff before I started sewing and I found that having it there when it was time to put it in made me enjoy the process.  I didn’t feel like I was stopping progress to make it.  And I really like the effect of piping.  I wish pre-making boning would have the same effect.


One thought on “Oh no she di’n’t!

  1. severn14 says:

    Looks good! Way to persevere!

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