Can I use Grandma’s bonnet?

There has been progress on the Atessa dress.  In fact, just the hooks and eyes left to do now. I hope to have those on and pictures done so that I can do my HSF post tomorrow.

I really want to honor my grandmother by using the bonnet she made some 40 years ago with this dress.  The colors are perfect!img_20160908_095927506_hdr.jpg

(Ignore the way the crown of the bonnet poofs out…It is the wig Trudy is wearing.  Not at all authentic looking!)

The hundred dollar question is: Would this be remotely plausible? The dark print cotton could imply more of a work dress so a cotton bonnet or sun bonnet would work in terms of class and use.  But the bonnet was definitely of the “Little House on the Prairie” style, which I typically think of as more 1880’s. Did they use bonnets like this in the 1840’s.  I searched the Met and here is what I found….61-141-41_cp2

They did have cotton sun bonnets in the 1840s.  But this one is corded, mine is not.  This one has a long neck cover.  Mine does not. The shape of the brim is not quite right.0415

This hat is from Augusta Auctions. It is dated 1850-90.  That is a bit old for my dress but being middle aged, I can get away with more…”Just an old fashioned girl who likes dress styles that are a bit dated.” The brim is right but the neck drape is not.ci60-23-33_s

The drape is a bit shorter on this one but still too long.  And it shows that they used more than check patterns.  It is dated 1838.  Again, that middle aged thing works for me and the slight discrepancy in dates is okay.  The straw stuff is a bit odd isn’t it….

Just as I was beginning to despair that I could use this I found more that were closer matches. This one is 1838 and has the shorter drape.  It is also quilted and mine is not but that would be an easy fix. ci59-48-4

So what do you think? Close enough and I can just go with it? Not close but not any worse than some of my other choices and adaptations? Just wrong-use the left over fabric from the dress and make something more suited to the “Little House on the Prairie” hat…like 1880’s?



2 thoughts on “Can I use Grandma’s bonnet?

  1. graceathome says:

    l think you can get away with wearing your gma’s bonnet. You would see this style of bonnet even in the regency era. I honestly don’t think anyone would really know the suttle time differences.

    • Thanks. I’ve often thought and felt the same. “Wear 1900 for 1916 event…they won’t know.” If they do know, be prepared with a plausible explanation. (Poor, old, conservative). and if they want to know, be able to explain what is wrong and why. Most don’t know and don’t care.

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