HSF: 2016 challenge 8 pattern

Challenge #8: Pattern


I’m using the photo I took before hemming and adding the hooks because I haven’t taken a new photo yet and really…not much difference would be seen between the two photographs.

What the item is: German day dress

Fabric/Materials: cotton

Pattern: TV 454

Year: 1845

Notions: hooks and eyes, cording, bones

How historically accurate is it? Pattern is good.  Fabric is 100% cotton so that is good.  Print is paisley, which is good but paisleys changed over time and I’m not knowledgeable enough on the topic to say this would be a good version for the 1840s. I’m also not knowledgeable about weave to comment on that. The colors are believable. I machine sewed a lot of it so “no” for technique.  Notions were metal hooks (I think some of them are actually vintage and I used natural fiber cording.  The bones were plastic.  I will be using it for a lower middle class woman for day to day wear.  I think, with enough petticoats, the silhouette will be fine.  I give this a generous 70%

Hours to complete: 15

First worn: not yet

Total cost: the notions were in my stash (cost already accounted for in other projects).  I don’t recall the cost of the fabric but I think no more than $30…I was on a tight budget during the shopping trip where this was bought.

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