Rationalize the apron purchase.

Earlier this summer, I gave into my impulse to buy an apronIMG_20160807_115725766I wondered if it was a viable option for wearing with costumes.  My biggest concern was the neck band.  In my limited memory, I thought the common way to support the bib front was pins, not bands.  But a quick search on the Met’s site showed the bands would be fine.





The next apron shows that white with lace is also acceptable.



My costuming pal, Lottie Lovette pointed out, however, that Battenburg lace was not really a thing until the late 1800s so I will have to confine the aprons use to my 1890s outfits.


It would work with this outfit.


Or with this skirt and the other shirtwaist.

The white apron on a white shirtwaist may be a bit much so perhaps I need to make another shirtwaist.  But what color…?  A pale yellow may work with both skirts.  Not a fan of yellow though.  Both skirts have stripes so I think I will avoid stripes in the new shirtwaist.

I’d also like to make an apron (or two) more suited to earlier times…. One should be practical, something a lady might actually do some work in and one should be more decorative.  The examples posted above are excellent inspirations.  So many project ideas…so little time!

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