Keep workin’, workin’, workin’

This will be a progress post.  Number one item is a photograph of the finished Atessa dress.  I had it done when I wrote the last post about it but was too lazy to put it on Trudy for a photograph.00.jpg

See, all hemmed.  The purse was a gift from a friend.  Definitely modern and a bit to blingy for a more serviceable dress but the color goes.  I may make a more suitable dress for that bag one day and a more practical bag for this dress too.  For now, this will do.

My next project is making leather gloves.  I have a pattern but based on my success with store bought gloves, I’m going to assume that the pattern fingers will be too long and to thin for my hobbit hands.  A mock up is in order.  We all know I hate mock ups.  So, I am using a satin in my stash and making a mock up that, if it isn’t dreadful in shape and size will become something fancier later on in the year.  img_20160916_094957889.jpg

They are meant to be elbow length and I already know the pattern will never fit around the sausages I have for forearms so I added about 4 inches to that circumference. Leather gloves would have tiny seam allowances so I’m hoping that will help with the width of my fingers.  (These mock ups will also have tiny seam allowances to simulate what would happen with the leather ones.)  I will likely have to chop half the length off to make up for the lack of length in my fingers.

The mock ups will be machine sewn (who has time for hand stitching mock ups?) The real ones will have to be hand sewn.  I don’t think my machine could handle leather.

Tomorrow, I hope to have all my pictures from this weekends outing sorted so I can share that with you.

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