Flat Earther

This is a thing.  I spoke to someone yesterday that saw a documentary that caused him to doubt every thing he has been taught in school.  After I removed my palm from my forehead and got my mouth to shut I Googled it and it is thing that actual groups of people believe.  I despair for the world.  I like lots of things Victorian (and the belief that the world is flat got its main momentum in the Victorian Era) but this is silly!  800px-orlando-ferguson-flat-earth-map_edit

Now, I don’t blindly believe everything I’m told-even what I was told in school-or see on the internet.  In a debate, I do my best to see both sides of a coin.  (Notice: above I posted a link to a video that claims to prove the world is flat then a link to an article that explains where that assumption comes from with some reasons why it is wrong.) I do my best to avoid re-posting other peoples posts on Facebook if I haven’t at least checked it out on Snopes or checked to see if it is still current information. I like to think that I am at least a little discerning.  I AM struggling with allowing this person I spoke with, to form his own opinions based on his own exposure to information and to not roll my eyes into the back of my head (my eyes are truly in danger of stiffening up and getting stuck there!).  This is my own arrogance and over confidence in my own intelligence.  The struggle is real folks!

What do you think?

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