I will work on this project….WOOL

Have you seen the movie “Up”?  I am the dog.giphy

Except it isn’t squirrels for me.  It is craft projects.  And this weekend it was wool.  In spite of my “You can’t buy any more wool until you use up what you have” rule, I bought more wool.  Truth be told, the fine print in that rule says “Unless you need it to complete a project or challenge…or it is a ridiculously low price…or you are at the Fiber Festival and every thing is so pretty and you simply must buy….”

So I bought more wool.  I have always wanted to try thrum mittens.

What the heck is a thrum?
A thrum is a little wisp of unspun fleece or roving that is knit into your project every so often. Thrumming makes the insides soft and fuzzy, and freakishly warm. This technique is most often associated with Canada’s Province of Newfoundland and Labrador -where they know warm

I have never made them before and I found a thrum mitt kit at the Fiber Festival.  The instructions said to thrum with strips 4″ long a about as thick as the wool you are knitting with.  Seems bigger than a “little wisp”!img_20161002_152659041_hdr

If they work out, they will be freakishly warm!  If they don’t work out, I will flip them inside out and use them as furry paws for Halloween.  It is hard to tell but the mitt is knitted up past the thumb hole.

The Fiber Festival also had a vendor who was selling all kinds of notions and findings one might want for a knitted or woven project.  I found a purse frame.  img_20161002_152720476

Seems to have an Art Deco kind of feel to me, but I will use it for a Victorian purse.


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