HSM 2016: Challenge #9 Historicism

A few weeks late but here goes.  My inspiration was gloves like these:


This pair can be seen on the Met web site.


Also from the Met.

They could depict an historical event or character or styles and were seen during the early 1800’s.

And these are my interpretations.img_20161011_071005101

I haven’t decided if I want to scallop the bottoms or leave them as is.  It would be shallow scallops with my pinking shears if I do it.  What do you think?

What the item is: gloves

The Challenge: 9 Historicism

Fabric/Materials: Leather

Pattern: self drafted

Year: early 1800’s

Notions: needle and thread for leather, stamp and stamp pad

How historically accurate is it? The pattern should be good.  The shape and pieces are similar to my original example.  I had to self draft because I can’t find ready made patterns that fit my short, broad fingers.  The span across my palm is problematic as well.  I can’t wear bangles because I can’t get them over my thumb joint.

I used leather and that is spot on.  I can’t say if the curing process is the same.  I have no idea. The color of the leather and of the ink is good…I’ve seen examples of both. The ship stamp is plausible but the ink is likely wrong.  The gloves were hand sewn which is correct.  (I had tiny stitches but I sure need to work on evenness!) The thread is polyester so that is not correct.  I will wear them as out door/day time gloves and my “persona” is more well to do and that is appropriate.  I’m also older so even though my costumes are typically Victorian, it might not be so odd that I’d favor some items from my Regency youth.  I’m also Canadian so some of my fashions may be a bit out of style compared to France. So I give them about 90%

Hours to complete: about 20

First worn: not yet

Total cost: Leather $4, stamp and ink $6, needles and thread $15.  In reality it was $4 because all of the other stuff is either reusable or there is a huge amount of left overs that will be added to the stash.

I have black leather that I intend to make gloves out of as well so these were a fabulous trial run.  I have already altered my pattern to shorten the middle finger and make the fingers a bit more snug. I’m okay with these being a bit loose for now. Honestly, I can’t get modern leather gloves on (see above) so it is a bit of a treat to have them be too loose.  At a later time, I may resort to shrinking them (dunk them in warm water and wear them till they dry).

Do let me know if you think I should scallop the bottom.  I have a hard time with finding the line between enough detail and crazy lady so I usually end up with blah.


2 thoughts on “HSM 2016: Challenge #9 Historicism

  1. Leiflynn Jeffery, Melfort, Saskatchewan says:

    I think you did a great job! I also can’t find commercially made leather gloves. Maybe in past lives we were char women!!! Haha that isn’t funny. You did a good job. What about using a rotary blade with small flutes on the cutting blade. I think I have seen them in a sewing store or in an online shop. They look small like the pinked edges on the old dress linings. Keep up the good work.

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