“Its like a postcard!”

Occasionally, we all take that perfect picture.  The one that makes you say, “that is like a postcard”. At least we used to say that.  Now we say, “that could be a screen saver”.  I bring this up because at some point during the turn of the century, people were making postcards of their photographs, presumably, to send to loved ones in far off places. Many moons ago, I picked up a bunch from an antique shop.


All of the following photographs have a version of this on the back. None have writing on them.


The first is an Edwardian family. The mother’s dress is pigeon fronted and her hair is a bit “Gibson” in style.

I love the buttons on Mom’s skirt and daughter’s curls are cute.  Does Dad have prominent front teeth?  No matter, he has style!  That suit is fabulous!

The next batch have a slightly different backing on them…no photographers name on them.  The photographs were bought at the same time, in the same place.  They are all taken on grass, in front of bushes.  Could it all be the same location? Are they a hobby photographers work? Are they photographs of his/her friends and family?


Nice white gown and to die for hat!

Very pretty face!


Same lady with parasol.

I like the previous photo of this woman better.


Is this a family photograph?  Love her coat and bag!


Possibly the same lady from the previous photograph. This hat is AMAZING!

That is it for my Edwardian postcards. Until next time folks.



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