To excited to blog!

I booked my winter vacation yesterday!  I’m off to Cuba next winter!  Veradero here I come!

I’m looking forward to what seems to be amazing beaches and amazing locals!  I expect things to be like Mexico in terms of hearing Spanish all of the time (lovely language), seeing lovely buildings with some degree of wear and tear (thousands of people tromping through a hotel in a damp tropical climate makes for some issues but nothing that is vacation ruining) and dedicated staff trying to make a good living by making a good vacation for me.  I have heard that Cuban food can be a bit more bland than what we are used to so I plan on eating a ton of amazing fresh bread and bringing my own ketchup and may be a spice bottle or two.

I’ve also done my research about sand flies.  It seems I am one of those people who react badly to those damn things!IMG_20160129_163534164.jpg

It was terrible.  It itched like mad and it was not so much welts as my whole ankle swelled up into one big kankle.  It went on for weeks after the trip.  This year, I’m going prepared.  I’ll be taking garlic pills and antihistamines before I leave and keeping that up, as well as a bug spray regime through out the trip.  Any hint of a bite and I will be slathering in after bite lotions.

Okay, January, hurry up and get here!


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