The no progress, progress post

For Historical Sew Monthly, the challenge this month is heroes. My project  is one that I learned about from a blogger known as Koshka or Katherine.   193

From her I heard of the Canadian Cloud or nubia.  So that was going to be my entry.  I chose a dreadfully thin wool so it is taking FOREVER to get anywhere with it!  img_20160828_115754412.jpg45 minutes per row!  It will be a miracle if it is finished this year, never mind this month.  On top of all that, I’m a bit bored with it.  This is a common problem for me…which explains why I have probably 30 unfinished knitting projects.

My thrum mitts are on hold as well.  img_20161002_152659041_hdr

I have come to the conclusion that I have been far to generous with my thrum bits and not only would the mitts be far too fat, I will not have enough to finish.  This means I need to rip out my progress, try to keep all the pieces from disintegrating and then make them smaller.  That seems no fun.  That sentiment = project on hold.

And I started a new project. I swear I didn’t buy this wool…a friend gave it to me!  I didn’t break my “no buying wool (unless…)” rule!img_20161025_092419725.jpg

The squares are knit on double point needles and the pattern reminds me of the bed cover I saw in one of our local house museums.


7 Oaks House Museum

The squares on the above cover are larger so likely, they were made on regular needles and each square is made up of 4 triangles.

But, in spite of the fact that this project does not match any of the challenges and is not anything I actually need in my household or anything I could give as a gift, it is the thing I am most interested in doing.  That is probably because each row is different so I don’t get bored and because once each square is done, I feel like I have finished a project…immediate gratification.  Then I add it to the growing “Unnecessary Blanket”.img_20161025_092400500.jpgAnyone else have this project ADD problem?


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