Carte de Visite…because there still is no progress to report

I picked up this carte de visite in a local antique shop.  It is of a woman and a baby, which I assume is her child, and was taken in my city, Winnipeg.


The photographer is Fredrick W Parkin and he was in the studio at 490 Main street from 1894-1905.  The woman’s dress has the large sleeves associated with the 1890’s so we can assume this photograph is from that decade.  She is identified on the back.sam_3073

I read the inscription as “Mrs. Joseph Frament. Oak Lake, French.  I think the lady is married to Joseph Frament but I was unable to find him.  She was from Oak Lake Manitoba which is near Winnipeg.  And the word “French”…?  Was this a notation that she was French? I wonder why that notation was more important than her given name of the name of the baby.

I like it when my photographs have names.  I love it more when I can find out more about them from the names but it didn’t turn out that way this time.

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