Halloween is a good excuse to wear one of my outfits and this year I had one that has never been worn.  All my seniors thought I was Laura Ingles (especially when I had the bonnet hanging from the strings down my back.)img_20161031_205736490.jpg

All in all it was very comfy but there is an issue with the hem.  It hangs longer in the front than the back.  It doesn’t do that on Trudy but I think that may be because I have more “junk in my trunk” than she does.  A quick fix.  Hopefully I do it before I decide to wear this again!


The issue isn’t as pronounced when I stand up straight.  May be the problem isn’t my “junk” but my posture.


3 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. severn14 says:

    You look great! And the bonnet is really cute.

  2. needs a lint roller – theres a huge lump of fluff clinging to the hem

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