Can anyone read this


This carte de visite comes with no photographers stamp so there is no clue as to location of the studio.  The ladies sleeves are quite large so we can guess early 1890’s for time frame. I love the frilly thing at her neck!

The back has an inscription that I can’t make out.  Perhaps someone else can figure it out.sam_3075

2 thoughts on “Can anyone read this

  1. nonnaree says:

    The Lily is plain and I think the next is Minna. The next is hard to tell; maybe Snich? I *want* to read Smith, but no crossing of a t. I think the lower word is Path, but it could be Pott?a or even Jo/ath. I hope someone submits a plausible rendition for you!

    • The O in front of the “Lily” is throwing me. I thought may be it was an Irish “O’…” name. Followed by Minnie. But the rest…I can’t make it out. And I’m usually pretty good at reading doctors scrawl (doctors are notorious for crap writing).

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