HSF: Challenge 10 heroes

Challenge #10: Heroes

What the item is: Ladies knitted hoodimg_20161111_165153158_hdr.jpg

Who your hero is and how the costume applies to them: This wasn’t my original plan but that will never be finished in 2016 so I came up with this. My hero is my Grandmother. She taught me to knit and it is she who gave me the love of “creating” and the interest in the past. Also she was the most loving person I know. A walking hug. This is an homage to her because it is a historic knit and it is cozy like she was.

Fabric/Materials: Chunky weight wool. Mixed fiber. Used about a half ball.

Pattern: victorian-8

See previous post for my tutorial.
Year: likely mid to late 1890’s

Notions: 6mm knitting needles (10 US 4 UK). Ribbonimg_20161111_165220833_hdr.jpg

How historically accurate is it? Both the ribbon and the wool is a synthetic blend. The wool is also chunky weight and I’m not sure that was a standard size in Victorian times. The pattern and technique are good. I believe it would have been worn by all classes of women but upper classes would have only worn it in the evenings. Farm woman would have worn them all of the time…any cold day where the big fancy hats were not worn. I give it about 65%.img_20161111_165205258_hdr.jpg

Hours to complete: About 10

First worn: n/a

Total cost: The wool cost $6. I had a coupon and I only used half so about $2


2 thoughts on “HSF: Challenge 10 heroes

  1. Leiflynn Jeffery, Melfort, Saskatchewan says:

    What a nice tribute to your Gramma. I like that “a walking hug” great looking hood and won’t it be warm for prairie winters!! Good job and I appreciate your blog very much.

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