HSF 2016: Challenge #11 Red

Challenge #11: Red (the flowers and the lining are a rusty red.)
What the item is: purse
Fabric/Materials: polyester fashion fabric, cotton lining.
Pattern: self drafted
Year: I will use it for late Victorian or early Edwardian era costumes
Notions: Vintage, possibly Edwardian purse frame.


I can see I need to trim some threads. 

How historically accurate is it? The fashion fabric is not because of the fiber content. I can’t speak to the weave or pattern-I lack the expertise in those areas. It looks plausible to my amateur eye and suits my needs. The lining would be less “risky”. I wish I had a date for the frame but since I don’t, I will give this 50%.img_20161127_213658667.jpg
Hours to complete: 5
First worn: not yet…haven’t made the dress yet!
Total cost: $15 for the frame. I used about $2 worth of fabric.

4 thoughts on “HSF 2016: Challenge #11 Red

  1. Leiflynn Jeffery, Melfort, Saskatchewan says:

    Very nice. Great now I need one of those too! I am never going to get caught up with what I need to make.

  2. Dorothy Simon-Noyes says:

    Such a pretty purse!! I love it😍! Maybe wear when out to dinner with hubby? I love evening bags and wear when either out to dinner (not too often I’m afraid) or to church. Great job!!

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