Mrs Victoria Woodhull

I have a small carte de viste that was sold as a collectable originally.  People not only bought and gave away carte de visites of themselves but they bought ones of famous people.  There was often an advertisement on the back.  img_20161211_182217717

I have one of Mrs. Victoria Woodhull who was a suffragette and the first woman to run for president. img_20161211_182154973

Originally, I had no idea who she was so I Googled her.  The first hit was the full name Victoria Woodhull.  Which led to a description of her life as well as a picture that “could be her”.  I Google search images and got this page with this photo.51mg8c658xl-_sx331_bo1204203200_It is the same photograph.  I haven’t read the speeches to I don’t know if she was or was not a eugenist.  I wouldn’t be shocked though.  Nellie McClung is a well know suffragette in Manitoba but she only wanted white, upper class protestant women to have the vote. The rest were not capable of understanding politics according to Nellie’s thinking.  After getting over the shock of learning that, I wouldn’t be surprised by a eugenist being in the mix of suffragettes.

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