Don’t I wish!

I’ve been having car drama…dealing with the insurance company…. You know how they are.  Quick to take your money at renewal time but their fist closes tight when it is time to cash in on the “service” they claim to provide.  Rightfully so if the claimant was loaded to the gills and speeding but mean when the claimant is the victim.  So I get high blood pressure and I cry in their office.  Damn.  Would that I could sail into their office looking like this lady!img_20161211_182245003

She  looks like she doesn’t take crap from anyone.  I’m willing to bet she’d have the insurance adjuster crying. She reminds me of the dowager Countess played by Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey.

I have her in my collection.  I’m drifting away from head shots because they don’t give me much information about dresses and how they were worn but she came in a grouping and I’m rather pleased to have her.  I’d put this around the mid to late 1890’s.  She is covered in jewelry and jet beads so she obviously has money.  Love the little curls on her forehead.

One thought on “Don’t I wish!

  1. Leiflynn Jeffery, Melfort, Saskatchewan says:

    Happy New Year. Be tough like your Dowager! Say no to the first offer and they will come back with a better one. We had to when our car was stolen. I love this picture. You would say yes ma’am to her for sure!!!

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