Christmas gift card gone

My main goal for dress creation this year is one 1900’s dress in my wardrobe.  The one I have my heart set on is this one…you’ve seen it before. 1909 in the V&A collection.1909-dress-va-d

I really want it in the purple but the fabric gods were not forthcoming and it will be in green…not my favorite shade of green either but workable.146

Probably wont be using those buttons.  I have some Dorset buttons that will be better.

Anyway, the hat…. Hats are always a challenge because silk flowers that actually look okay are expensive.  I’ve usually had to a) buy good stuff but not enough of them because I don’t have enough coupons or b) buy cheap Dollarama flowers that look cheap.

But, the hat for this dress will have a ton of good flowers courtesy of all my gift cards and a couple of coupons.img_20170108_163155182.jpg

I think they will be a nice complement to the green in the dress-especially if I buy some more leaves to add to it.

What do you think?



Can you envision it?

What shall I call this dress? The woman who wore the purple dress was named Heather Firbank.  She liked to wear heather colored clothes.  My name is not Heather and there is no such color as Wanda or my real name. So a green name.  This color is close to Olive. So my future dress will be called 1909 Olive.


One thought on “Christmas gift card gone

  1. Leiflynn Jeffery, Melfort, Saskatchewan says:

    I have that dress pinned also. I love it. Your olive will make up nice anxious to see it all done. Happy sewing!!

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