Belated gift

I received a belated Christmas gift last week.  Call me a big kid but I love it!


I don’t know if you ever played with paper dolls, but I have, and I loved them.  It is going to take a bit of self control to stop myself from cutting them out and playing with them!


I wont show you every page: you will have to get a copy of the book for yourself if you want to see them all.  I will just dole out a few of my favorites when I am having a dry spell for post material.  I will start you off with these two. img_20170108_163607042.jpg

Victoria’s pink thing is a bit much but LOVE Eugenie’s brown number!  The hat is FEATHER FABULOUS!

With that I wish you a fabulous week.  My goal is to keep on keeping on with my car drama and to sew up the chemise and corset cover I cut out this weekend.  I have a chemise but I could use another and the corset cover will be a new thing.  (Sorry Shirley, I am using the corset cover pattern you lent me somewhere around a year ago!  Totally forgot I had it.  Hopefully, I will have it done in time for our coffee date next week so I can give it back!)

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