Car shopping

I think I’m starting to see a light that might mean the end of my nightmare tunnel of car accidents and auto insurance.  A sad but tolerable amount has been agreed upon by the insurance company and I for the loss of my car.  I am one physiotherapy treatment away from being done with the whip lash injury.  And I have completed a weekend of car shopping.  It started out with some head butting between hubby and I but it is with great relief, I can say we easily agreed on the winner of the search.  Tomorrow, he commences the haggling with the current owner and with any luck, I will have a car before I head out on vacation.

In celebration lets look at my hands down favorite paper doll dress from my Christmas paper doll book.img_20170108_163639848.jpg

Of course it is a Worth gown.  I would really love to see this gown but I can’t find anything better than sketches and attempted copies.  If anyone knows of a picture of the gown please point me towards it!

It reminds me of the gown I saw at Coco last summer.  Loved it!  The train lifted just like a peacock’s tail.  Pretty sure the Princess of Sagan’s dress didn’t do that!

3 thoughts on “Car shopping

  1. Dorothy Simon says:

    Hi! We are going through the same thing. We had a brief powering of snow and ice in Alabama and hubby wrecked the car!! Thank the good Lord he was not hurt. This was early in the month and we still don’t have the car back because they are back logged with all the snow related wrecks!! At least we were provided with a rental at no charge. Yes, it is all a headache. For giggles look up snow in Alabama 😂!
    So glad you too are ok, besides the whiplash. And that you have a new car to look forward too. I’ve been enjoying your paper doll posts. Absolutely precious!


    • I’m glad your hubby is fine but I sure feel bad you are going through something like I am. I has been a royal pain! But more progress! The seller accepted our offer and hopes to have all the paperwork done tomorrow! I could have a new to me car by tomorrow! The pay compensation for not being able to do all of my job FINALLY arrived and tomorrow I expect to be done with physio. Oh to be all done with this before my vacation. There might actually be a chance of this!
      I did look up snow in Alabama. I can see it really messed up your traffic but to be truthful…it is a bit cute. In Canada, that is called Monday. But we are used to it. Hope you car is done soon!

  2. Joel F says:

    This is such a beautiful unique gown. Made me smile. Thanks for sharing this.

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