Two toned 1880’s dress

I’m enjoying an 1880’s carte de visite I acquired some time ago.  The lady in the couple is wearing a two toned dress and I’m trying to decide if she managed to pull it off.  I’ve always liked dresses with mixed fabrics but I think it is hard to do it harmoniously.


I like the bodice but I’m not so sure about the skirt.  I wonder what it looked like in color.


4 thoughts on “Two toned 1880’s dress

  1. Mrs Marvel says:

    I have a great photo of a two toned dress similar to this and it was noted that is was orange and gray! Perhaps your photo is a similar combo that might sound different to us.

  2. totchipanda says:

    I wonder if the dress might be similar in colour/tone but of two different fabrics, like if the lighter part was taffeta and the darker part was velvet.

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