Meander through the weekend

It has been an interesting weekend.  There was some shopping.  I found a sale on corsets that was so good I had to buy two!  I also bought some lacy wool for a shawl for the up coming wedding this summer.  I needed something to cover the ol’lady arms but not add to the summer heat and my hot flashes.

Speaking of wedding,  I got the pattern for my modern sun dress done up and the fabric cut out.  I added it to the growing pile beside the sewing machine (Edwardian blousewaist, corset cover, leather gloves, shiny poly fabric gloves, modern tank top.)

Speaking of modern, I got some sewing done on the Indian Sari that is to become a bathing suit cover up.  I tried it on with my bathing suit and it isn’t doing what it is supposed to…ie cover up.  It is a bit gross actually.  In order for it to work as that, I actually have to line it.  If I’m going to the trouble to line it, I may just as well turn it into a dress.

I went out for coffee with my bff and we did some sip and bit*h and some day dreaming as well.  I wish I had seen this prior to our day dream session.  I would have included it.  It is a little castle for sale in England for under a million!


Isn’t it pretty!


It only has one bedroom so they have an annex for guests.


Annex for guests!  Hahaha, that’s funny!  Everyone knows this is my sewing room!

2 thoughts on “Meander through the weekend

  1. severn14 says:

    OMG! That is the most charming home I have ever seen!

  2. Dorothy Simon says:

    Officially on my daydream list too!!

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