I made myself “work” this Easter weekend

I’ve been dragging my behind on all my projects.  Last month’s HSF project is late.  The previous month was late.  This month’s will be too.  I think next year, I will create my own UFO project challenge and skip HSF-it isn’t inspiring me to get crap done any more. Perhaps it is because, with a huge wardrobe of costumes, I now no longer NEED to get things done or face costume events in the same dress.  I have something for everything.  Or may be I will create a challenge where the goal is to finish a really elaborate dress in stages (eg do beetle wing embroidery on the left sleeve in May, the right in June.)

Anyway, this past Easter weekend, I tore myself away from my latest binge of the Sims game and got some work done on my table cloth becomes shirtwaist project.

I got the skirt part attached.  It is the part that gets tucked into the real skirt.  I didn’t have enough table cloth for that so I just used a cotton broad cloth.  It shouldn’t be visible so it doesn’t matter.IMG_20170417_150214785

The next step was to finish the opening on the back.  This involved an extra step or two as the lace created huge sections where there would be nothing to attach buttons and button holes.IMG_20170417_142604760

The pattern piece for the back has lines that show you where the folding under is to be done to create the strong finished edge.  I made a pattern piece the same length and width of these lines and used it to cut out long rectangle strips from the table cloth. I sewed those onto the wrong side of each back piece.


Wrong side of back piece.


Correct side of back piece.

Basically, what I did was flat line the portion that needs to be folded over. Then I continued as instructed.  Once all the folding and sewing was done, the lining and frayed cut lace is hidden and there is enough strong material to support buttons and button holes.


This is the wrong side of the back piece all tidied up and strengthened.

Next step was to get the collar attached.IMG_20170417_155225064_HDR

It will have optional collar attachments but is pretty enough to stand alone.

I also got the sleeves sewn and reinforced and the cuffs made.  Next step is figure out which sleeve and which cuff is left and right then attach the cuffs and the sleeves to the correct spot (hopefully only doing that once per sleeve).  Then I need to make the optional collar, hand stitch the inner seams of the collar and cuffs down, make the button holes and sew on the buttons.  If the sleeves don’t get me, I could have it done next weekend.  (Fingers crossed).

2 thoughts on “I made myself “work” this Easter weekend

  1. Leiflynn Jeffery, Melfort, Saskatchewan says:

    How pretty that shirtwaist is going to look. Pretty scary when you look at the back and you have to sew on air!! Good job. I think you have inspired me to give this a try. I am off to our old post office this pm to sit at a Sufferage display for 100 year anniversary that women got the vote. Hopefully my scavenged outfit (made from thrifted pieces to save time) will look like the era. Drats when you have other things getting in your way for costuming. Soon I hope to have a complete correct costume for one era. Thanks for your inspiration.

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