The new corsets are here! The new corsets are here!

I found a corset sale where two corsets plus shipping and exchange cost less than one normally does. This first one is a bit big in the bust area but not any worse than I’ve had before.

I have been wanting white ones for some time as they are what was more commonly worn and I needed a new one because one of the bones in my old one seems to have broken and it digs and scratches unbearably.

This second one seems to fit better in the bust area.  I have to try wearing this one with the bolero from my 1861 dress.  That didn’t fit the bust properly and one theory I had was the corset didn’t fit the bust properly either and with a tighter corset, it might be fine.

The fate of the old broken corset?  Possibly I will buy a bone and fix it but more likely (now that I have two new ones) it will be hacked up and the usable bits will be used in an Edwardian corset on my to do list.  I hope I can buy just one bone.  If not I may have to try zip ties.

4 thoughts on “The new corsets are here! The new corsets are here!

  1. Leiflynn Jeffery, Melfort, Saskatchewan says:

    Where did you find that deal? I have gotten corset making stuff from Farthingale’s right here in Canada. They were very helpful wth the supplies needed and you can order metal ones in the size needed not sure if they are tipped or not. But check out the website. I guess I should make an Edwardian corset.

    • I know about Farthingale’s but I haven’t ordered from them yet. The one and only corset I have made was made from bits ripped out of an old commercial one. I wasn’t sure if they sold single bones. I have considered just getting a roll of boning and cutting and tipping myself. Just not sure I will make enough corsets to justify that expense though.

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