Doing well on my sewing goal for the weekend

I love it when a plan comes together.  I worked on my Edwardian tablecloth shirt most of Saturday afternoon.  The sewing saints were smiling on me and the sleeves went in with not one stitch needing to be undone!IMG_20170422_204724

I am very pleased with how well they are hanging!IMG_20170422_162614201

The collar looks pretty good I think.  I do wonder how it will fare with my double chin.  Even starched to cardboard consistency, it may succumb to the pressure.


I pinned up the back to see how it looks.  The pattern matching went well.


It seems a bit on the snug side. There will be gapes.  Hmmm.


I think I will put buttons every inch rather than every 2 inches like the pattern suggests.  That may help.  If not, I will put some hooks in between.  Hubby with his clumsy man hands will love helping me with that!

The buttons, button holes and optional hooks are all that is left.  I have it in my mind that I want little pearl buttons.  The stash doesn’t have those.  I may have to do some Sunday shopping to get some.  The button holes have to wait until I know the size of the buttons or those would be done by now as well.

One thought on “Doing well on my sewing goal for the weekend

  1. severn14 says:

    Looks great! The sleeves look really good!

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