But the dresses are so nice…

Ever watched a show or movie that you really didn’t like because you like the costumes?  I’m Netflixing one now that really is not to my taste.  The Lizzie Borden Chronicles.  Basically, she is a sociopath.  The question is not “will she kill someone?” It is “how many per episode?”  Some movies or shows try to make the killing easier to take either by having the killer be second to the hero of the show or by having the killer only kill bad people.  Not this show.  She kills anyone, good or bad, whoever gets in her way and she gets away with it.  Not to my liking.  But the dresses…  There are 3 I really want to copy!

The first dress you see Lizzie Borden in:

80d663ed5426534508564a01576bb06bOh how I love it! The piping is fabulous!

One of the dresses I like was worn by her sister.  I’m afraid the photo is another one of those phone picture of a computer screen…(any one know how to get screen shots of Netflix that are not blank?)


It is hard to see but it is a pale grey with wide lace and a huge belt buckle.  Yum.

The final one is worn by the hotel owners wife.  I have the perfect material for these.  Left overs from my 1845 Atessa dress and some black linen-like material for the skirt.  IMG_20170429_164458459

So many plans/dreams, so little time.

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