Reprising my role

This weekend is Doors Open weekend in Winnipeg and I am again volunteering at the old jail and I am again taking the role that represents the girls who were jailed there for prostitution and about prostitution during the early 20th century.


Welcome to my humble house if ill repute.  IMG_20170527_181626

Combination undies would really be better for this time period…and an Edwardian corset but lets go with the idea that my character is an older prostitute catering to an older clientele shall we?


Hopes dashed?

I was hoping to wear these next weekend but considering that this is still the first one, the odds are small.  No foot yet.  They will be quite long!IMG_20170523_074450765

Still alive. Still knittin’

I’ve been off the radar for a bit.  You know…drama.  But I have been diligently knitting in spite of it all.  When last we spoke, I was this far in my stockings.IMG_20170507_210459996

Not quite done the first section of the pattern.  Now I’ve completed 3 sections of pattern.


I keep thinking that I wish I had opted for the 5 colors that are actually in the pattern and that I might do this pattern again, in the suggested colors.  But, I keep forgetting, I have to do this one more time as is because I have two legs.  By the time I’ve done 2 of these, I may not be that keen on doing another pair.

Modern shawl

I have a wedding to go to this summer and I plan on wearing a sleeveless dress.   This could be okay, unless it is cold, or the mosquitos are out.  Or there are cameras out there, ready to take pictures of my bat wings.  So I decided to whip up a shawl. Sorry for the crap photo.  I just can’t figure out how to take good selfies.  I’d make a lousy 20 year old.IMG_20170509_103702572 Sure, it looks like a lot of work but the “wool” comes half crocheted.


Here is a close up of the “wool” once it is opened up and crocheted together in strips.  I like the little sequence in it.IMG_20170509_103718562

I can get a lot done if I do nothing all day

I spent the day knitting.  Perhaps it is a case of guilt…you know buying wool for a project I don’t really need when I have dozens of unfinished projects and who knows how many balls of wool in the stash.  I feel less guilty if I can manage to actually FINISH the project.  I didn’t finish…that would be freakishly amazing.  But I made a good dent in it.IMG_20170507_210459996