HSF 2017 Challenge 4

I had much bigger plans for this project.  I was going to knit a Canadian Cloud which is a rectangle about 2-3 meters long.  But it is slow going.  Each row takes 45 minutes and each inch takes about 6 rows.  It was never going to happen for this challenge.  So I decided to go for the easy project we all love.  The reticule.IMG_20170430_212233064

The Challenge: Circles, squares and rectangles.  The four sides are rectangles and the bottom is a square.


Material: grey polyester satin, pink cotton

Pattern: self drafted

Year: Reticles were used for decades but I intend it for an 1890’s dress.

Notions: lace (I used needle tatted lace I made years ago) and ribbon

How historically accurate is it? The pattern is plausible.  Anyone needing a bag and wanting use up scraps could come up with the same thing.  The fiber content is TERRIBLE! (But it was in the stash.) Plain (no print) fabric was used.  The color was used.  I don’t know enough about weave to claim “accurate or not accurate.”  I machine sewed the main seams so it wouldn’t be accurate if used with an outfit earlier than the late 1850’s.  The ribbon is poly.  The needle tatted lace is probably the most accurate thing as it was a handwork done in the Victorian era and the thread is at least natural if not silk.  I intend to use it with an evening dress from the 1890’s and my Victorian alter ego tends to be upper middle class and slightly matronly.  I think this bag suits that persona.  I give it about 55%.

Hours to complete: 5

First worn: not yet

Total cost: 0$  I raided the scrap bag and lace and ribbon stash.  The cost of these things were factored into earlier projects.

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