Why stash busting isn’t working

I have started the second stocking.


It likely will take several weeks to finish.

I have other projects…sewing and knitting… on the docket and in the UFO piles and yet, I buy more wool.  But it was on sale.  And I have been thinking that after the current stocking is made, I want to make another pair.  This pair would be knee high instead of crotch high and I wanted it to be in 5 colors like the pattern suggests.

The pattern suggests pink, blue, gold, black and red.  That color combo is wild indeed.  Especially in the shades available to me.  So I swapped out the red and black (which is dumb because I would have left overs from my current pair but I’m like that. Why use up the wool I have when I can put it in the stash and buy more?)  I also swapped out the gold because there wasn’t any.


The pink and blue go with the fabric I bought for my next dress.  The dress colors were chosen because they would go with my pineapple shawl which I made and never had a dress to wear with it. The cream wool will match the shawl.   SAM_1962

The mauve wool goes well with the first three colors and there is a slight purple hue to the pink fabric for the dress. The fifth color was chosen because I needed a dark color for the toe, it went fairly well with the others and it needed to be a bit crazy because the pattern suggestions were crazy.  (Just too crazy for me).

I need to retire.  The reduced income would hinder buying more crap and the increased time would mean I would use up the crap I have and finish the UFO’s!  Lord, save me from myself.


5 thoughts on “Why stash busting isn’t working

  1. Leiflynn Jeffery, Melfort, Saskatchewan says:

    Yup crazy lady and a glutton for punishment! Why not unravel some of the length on the first one you knitted then match the second one to the first one and then you can start your new ones ! Just sayin.

  2. Leiflynn Jeffery, Melfort, Saskatchewan says:

    Ohhh. Good luck then. Don’t forget to post pictures of your new ones.
    Shirley’s card was scary omg, I forgot to post on it!

  3. totchipanda says:

    That shawl is amazing. I have to buy new yarn because I want to start a sweater but I don’t have enough yardage in any one colour or dye lot so I just haaaaave to go buy new yarn (oh shucks). Can’ wait to see the finished stockings, they’re gonna be amazing too!

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