Random modern projects

This is just a quick post on some random things I did this past week.  I had a little party for my seniors at work that was ocean themed.  As a little treat, I dyed some vanilla pudding blue with food coloring to create “ocean water” and used some graham cracker crumbs to make “sand”.  They liked it!



I also made little origami sea creatures (which I forgot to get a photo of) for decorations and parting gifts.

This past holiday weekend I worked on a modern summer dress that may or may not be worn at my son’s casual wedding.  It is all done except for the sleeves (and ironing).  I took this picture before finishing the neck line.


I can’t decide what I will do for sleeves.  Easiest thing is to just hem the edges.  But, my arms aren’t exactly the arms of a 20 year old athlete.  But I also don’t have a lot of left over fabric to deal with so I wouldn’t get much more than a cap sleeve out it.  I will stew on it this week and see if any inspiration comes to me.

7 thoughts on “Random modern projects

  1. flaregirl55 says:

    Why not make a simple sheer sleeve out of some light material in a pale green or blue. Also a slip shawl would be fine to go with it. I love simple things and something made with a solid color would be nice on a busy dress. I also thought your summer beach pudding was a hit. Next week you should try old fashioned yogurt freezes I make mine very simple with yogurt, sugar, vanilla and some cream or milk. I mix up that mixture put it into forms and top with real orange juice with pulp. They freeze in about 6 hours and everyone loves this treat. It has summer all over it, maybe nice for the heat wave we are starting Wednesday. Be well and thanks for sharing such cool ideas. I really enjoy your posts!

    Hugs Sandy

  2. severn14 says:

    I was also going to suggest doing a sheer sleeve. It would be light but still provide coverage. I think the dress looks lovely and perfect for summer. The puddings are so fun!

  3. Katie Mills says:

    Cute snack idea! My 3-year-old would like that. He’s been into the beach lately.

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