Cabinet card: hard use

I have a new cabinet card that I may have chosen to pass up because of the damage.IMG_20170502_083602793

Someone has, clearly, taken scissors to it to get it into a frame or album and at some point it got folded.  But their faces are still clear.  And the part that I go for…the clothes…are still visible.  They have big 90’s sleeves with massive collars.  The dresses appear to match.  I’m thinking these are sisters.  And their names my be…IMG_20170502_083631886

…Emma and Bertie.  (I like to imagine that the younger girl visited her older sister.  In honor of the occasion, the older sister made matching dresses and arranged for pictures.  After the younger girl went home, the older one picked up the pictures and inscribed the above message before sending it to her sister.)  It was this personal info (and reasonable price) that convinced me to buy it.  FYI Gananoque is in Ontario.

One thought on “Cabinet card: hard use

  1. Leiflynn Jeffery, Melfort, Saskatchewan says:

    So pretty. To bad about the damage. I enjoy your pictures you show. Thanks.

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