Back in action

I’ve been MIA for a bit.  As you may recall, I have been juggling drama at work, a newly diagnosed diabetic dog, a son’s wedding and a house guest here from Germany for the wedding.  Work is still drama and likely will be for the rest of the year (sigh), the dog is still diabetic but we are starting to get used to it, the wedding is over and the happy couple is on their honeymoon and the house guest is back home in Germany.  It is time for me to try and get settled into my routines for my new normal.  That means I should try and put out a post or two a week here.

For the wedding I made my own dress.  Nothing difficult.  A tube with sleeves really.  I took a sleeveless dress I have that I find comfortable and relatively flattering and used it as a pattern (only I added sleeves).


Original dress


I don’t have any good pictures yet because I vowed that for the wedding, I wouldn’t take any pictures.  I would just be there “in the moment.”  Once I have a good photo I will share.  For now, you will have to settle for a blurry selfie with my eyes closed.


Sure, I would have felt prettier in a super fitted dress with all kinds of support systems in place (like a corset) but the day turned out to be brutally hot for an out door wedding and I was frankly happy I was wearing a loosey goosey gown.  Father of the bride was smart and brought three shirts and a pair of shorts to change into as he sweated his way through everything!  My hubby had to drive and hour and a half round trip, home to change!

There is a long weekend coming up and I have no real plans so hopefully my next post will be another completed project or at the very least, more Victorian in nature!

5 thoughts on “Back in action

  1. flaregirl55 says:

    I think your dress is very sweet and you looked lovely in it eyes closed and all lolo. I have a question for you about old things that get donated. Do they put tags on things with a family name that gives the item? I have some wonderful old things and may wish to donate and am looking for a outlet that does that kind of thing any help you may offer would be great. I also wonder about the old fort Garry as I have wonderful old stone dishes that have been in the family for years. My sons do not want any of these items and I would hate to trash these at a garage sale. I think they should be on display I have a 1800 sewing stand box, old wash tubs, stone bean pots that type of things, If you have any contacts please let me know.
    Sandra A.

    • I would contact the different historical sites directly and see what they need. A site typically declines items if they already have good examples of the same thing. Most would have some sort of inventory system that includes the donators name and any historical back story. A newer site like the house at Gros Isle have more needs than a more established site like the Fort. Anything you can’t donate, try and sell to an antique store or on Kijiji… you’re more likely to get the value than at a garage sale.

    • Shirley A. Victorian says:

      hi I think St Andrews Rectory may be interested in some of your items. They are right across from St Andrews church on river road.

  2. severn14 says:

    The dress looks great! Perfect for summer! And the print is really flattering too.

  3. Dorothy Simon-Noyes says:

    What a very pretty dress! That is exactly what someone in Alabama would wear when going out or to a wedding or day time event, plus pay a hefty pricetag!!

    Poor hubby having to drive and change! Those outdoor weddings can be killer but oh so beautiful. Sorry for a late reply, I’m playing catch up.

    I need to learn to sew myself. My chef husband started a new job in a country club and will either bring home decadent treats or cook them on his day off. My ever expanding waistline is getting costly indeed 😂


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