Still no progress

My shoulder is better but still not good enough for sewing so I have no progress to share with you.  So how about another cabinet card?


We have this fabulous grand dame from Saratoga NY.  This lady had money!  Look at the detail on the skirt!  She has a ring, a bracelet, a bar pin, a chain under the lacy shawl and earrings. The lace shawl is why I bought this card!  It is fabulous!  The bar pin holds it closed at the throat but I’m not sure how she has it held so close to her waist.  I suppose it could just be straight pins holding it to the bodice.  With a corset there would be no risk of stabbing herself.  The parasol is fairly plain but somehow the pose says powerful matriarch. Hope you like this card as much as I do!


Can a T Rex sew?

What a silly question. I blame it on the T3’s.

I had big plans to start sewing up my new costume but I’m having issues with some tendonitis in my shoulder and I’m in pain.  Big pain. I’m coping with T3’s, a sling and working with the arm reach of a T Rex.  Never a good combo for successful sewing.

How about a cabinet card instead of sewing progress?


She looks to be a teenager.  She has some rings and a bar pin so not poor.  Her hair style looks to be 1880’s.  She has a pretty face in my opinion.  I hope she had a long happy life!

Olive gets cut

My next project (which I have dubbed Olive) has been cut out.IMG_20180123_091619357

I had ordered a pattern for the top but I realized that it isn’t the right one.


Which is the right one?  One I had already.

Oh well.  All is not lost.  There is a ton of fabric left over and I have a bit of contrasting material.  I could use the other pattern with that material-or not.  I haven’t decided yet.


My inspiration dress has an over and under skirt.  If I make the over skirt separate from the under skirt I can end up with 4 pieces that I can mix and match.

I love it when a plan comes together!

Oh Lord, help me. I am so weak!

One of my all time favorite stores had a 50% off sale day on Sunday.  Value Village!  In addition to 2 shirts and a pair of pants that I need for work, I also got a puzzle.


I don’t need this.

I got some jewelry.


I definitely don’t need these.

And I got wool.



But it was on sale.  If I bought it at the original store it would have cost me $48.  But for $48 I got all the wool, jewelry, clothes and puzzle.  So it was like getting all that other stuff for free.  Right?  Queen of Rationalization!

First accomplishment of the year

My big plan this year is to clear off projects I have started but not finished.  This includes knitting and crochet projects that are partially done and sewing projects where I have bought the supplies but not started.

My first “done” project is a blanket intended for babies.  It is pretty wild so I think it would work best as a play blanket…one to put the baby on the floor with.  This project is well over a year in the making!  (But, trust me, I have ones that have been on the back burner MUCH longer!)


(The color is a bit washed out in the photo.) I quite like it so I think I will start a “Grandma’s Hope Chest” and have it for any grandbabies that may come my way.

Oh deer

Guess what I saw in the parking lot at work?  A deer!


Just past those trees, there is a frozen river and on the other side of the river there is a major city park that has some bush.  I’m guessing that is where that guy normally hangs out.  I sure hope he goes back and doesn’t end up on the busy streets!