Finally fixed it

Three and a half years ago, I made a Sontag.  It has never been worn in costume.  The primary reason for not wearing it has been the weather.  Mostly it has been too hot.  But even if the weather had been perfect, I may not have worn it.  It was too loose in the waist and I just didn’t have the heart to undo it and re make it.  I finally had a light bulb moment where I realized that by adding a second button, I could take up the extra slack.  IMG_20180106_211733289

Now it fits!


I think it would be plausible that someone would make the same alteration, either for fit or for design purposes.  The synthetic wool is crap and it is more painfully obvious to me now that I have developed more of an eye for it.  But, it doesn’t bother me enough to pitch it and make another.  For my purposes, it will do.

I got my paper pattern pieces cut apart for my next sewing project.  Will time and energy come together in perfect synergy and cause me to get the fabric cut before the weekend is over?

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