Flea Market Gem

The hubby and I launched our vacation with a trip to a flea market.  I scored BIG!  My first purchase was a whopping $3 and worth that and more!

It is a little misers purse.  Obviously handmade (crocheted).IMG_20180203_162019574

I couldn’t tell you how old it is (they were around from late 1800’s to the 1920’s) but the closure strings remind me of one I saw at the Costume Museum of Canada and that one was dated 1870’s.  It was also crocheted.

It took awhile to figure out how to get into it but once I did I though “ingenious!”


There is a little tab on the front (look closely at the top photograph.  If you pull on it, it pulls the two sides apart and pulls the strings out.


To fish something out, you poke your fingers past the strings.


Then to close it, you pull on the ring.


I am getting a lot of bang for my buck with this item.  I can study it and figure out how it was made and make more.  And I can use it with my next costume because the color is a near perfect match!


Tomorrow I will share another treasure with you.

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