Turn the page: Those are ’60’s skirts!

The next two carte de visits in the book look 60’s to me.


Today we will focus on the lady on the left.  This is her in the sleeve.


She looks young.  The skirt and bodice are of different material/color.  There is a belt, broach, necklace and earrings.


Do you see the stuffed/ceramic dog next to her?  It is a bit creepy!

The back of the carte.


I can’t find any info on the photographer.

4 thoughts on “Turn the page: Those are ’60’s skirts!

  1. Leiflynn Jeffery, Melfort, Saskatchewan says:

    I think this is from England. Beds I think is short for bedfordshire in Hertsfordshire I think I saw it stated as Beds when I was researching the ole family tree in that area. Hope this helps.

  2. […] Same photographer as these photos.  A family? And is the same girl as an earlier post? […]

  3. […] is the same photographer as previous pages. Here, here, and here.  And I think there is a family […]

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