Turn the page: kids

Next up is a brother and sister set.



Out of the sleeve.


Connon and Elora?  The name of the photographer or the kids?  I hope it is the kids! I like the names a lot!  If I were naming kids at this stage of my life, I consider those!

The little guy by himself in and out of the sleeve.





3 thoughts on “Turn the page: kids

  1. Mrs Marvel says:

    Elora is a town in Ontario. There was a book written about it by John Connon. Could be a coincidence and the original photog was also a Connon.

  2. Oh good! Now we know! Thanks for your insight! I still like it as kids names though! I wonder if the writer and the photographer are the same person or in the same family.

  3. […] for the blurry photo.)  Don’t worry, there is a better one here. I guess they had more than one copy of this photo so they slid it to the back of the […]

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