Bringing home a treasure!

This past Tuesday, I was able to get back to volunteering at the Costume Museum after nearly 2 years of not being available because of my work schedule.

This session was not hands on as the group was planning the display coming up next month.  It will be a display of things bought at the now defunct Eaton’s store.  Alas, there will be no Victorian items but there will be a few Edwardian things.

During the meeting I did score something for my home…a display piece that was being chucked because of wobbly legs.  I have a few handy fellows in my family so I saved it from the garbage bin.


I think it may have originally been a desk.  It is tall enough.  I fell in love with the handle!  It is solid wood…not veneer and particle board. I may get it refinished but honestly, I don’t mind the scratches.  The chip in one leg is easily hidden if moved to the back.  It just needs some glue and a few bolts tightened!


Turn the page: family portraits


The next set of photos in the carte de visit book is of families.

The photos on the right is an older couple.IMG_20180313_064619019

That cap on her head is so cute!

I may have names for these two if anyone is good at reading messy writing!  I read “our friend and uncle B??omheart.  What do you see?


*post script…I am back working a day shift after nearly 2 years of working noon till 8:15.  This means I can go back to volunteering at the Costume Museum and I will be able to post some of the wonders and treasures I see while working.  I’m looking forward to that!

Turn the page: Fabulous 60’s Part two

The last set of pages I posted about from the carte de visite book as two women from the 1860’s.IMG_20180313_064358871

This post will focus on the woman on the right. To bad the photo isn’t in focus!


Out of the book sleeve…also not very clear.  But clear enough to see that there is a belt between her shirtwaist and skirt and there appears to be something on her wrists.  Bracelettes? Trim on the cuffs? What do you think?


The furniture is amazing!  The chair seems to be from the same set as the chair in the photograph with the other woman-just different upholstery.

Both cards have the red border around the photographs and both are from the same photographer so likely were taken at the same time.




Lazy 4 day weekend

I have been lax in keeping up this blog and I have been lax in everything else.  I’ve, basically, been on “mental pause” for the past month.  I’ll blame work.

Currently I work a 12:00 to 8:15 shift which is great money but a bit hard on life.  For the past month I have been applying for a day time shift and waiting on the news to see if I got it.  I did get it and I start on April 16th.


It is like my whole life and mind is on pause until that date.

It doesn’t help that spring weather seems to be on pause as well.  It just wont warm up and we are stuck in the half melted dirty phase of spring!


I haven’t been completely idle.  I’ve been getting my butt kicked in my new favorite game.


I’ve been Netflixing and knitting up a storm-especially during the past lovely long weekend.  I reknit a scarf that I found to wide but not long enough.


I’ve been working on a blanket.  Once this pile of squares is done and attached, I will be half way done.


This is it so far.


I am hoping that as the weather warms up, I will get more excited about sewing again.  My Edwardian Olive dress is stuck in the same spot…just a few more buttons made.


My costume group has been brain storming our plans for outings this year.  IMG_20180402_173255626

May be that will get me going in the sewing room again!  We shall see!