Turn the page: kinda reminds me of…

Whoa! Been awhile since I’ve done one of these.  For those of you who don’t know/remember, I bought a carte de visite album some time ago and I have been sharing the book page by page.

The next set of pictures is of a man and a woman.


The gentleman kind of reminds me of Benedict Cumberbatch.  Something about the face shape and the long legs.


Does anyone else see it or am I falling victim to binge watching Sherlock?

Tell me I’m not crazy!

Anyway, the doppelganger had the photo taken by Micklethwaite in Biggleswade which is frequently the photographer and location in this particular album so it is safe to assume the original owner of this album likely came from there.


My regular readers will know that I am typically more interested in the ladies and what they are wearing in these old photos so rather than waiting for the next blog post, I will talk about the young lady in these two pages of the book.


The hat! The jewelry! The pattern in the bodice fabric!  The lace on the sleeve!  All to die for!


Out of the album sleeve

She is also from England.  Heckmondwike is about 150 miles north of Biggleswade.  (What great names!)  Perhaps these two people knew each other or are related.


Back of the photo

2 thoughts on “Turn the page: kinda reminds me of…

  1. Leiflynn Jeffery says:

    Wonder what their lives were like, what happened to them, who are they.. So how did they get their bodices so smooth. Just from flatlining? She has a beautiful dress, hat and I love the jewellery. Especially the watch chain going into a watch pocket? He looks just plain and I think like the character you mentioned. I don’t watch that show. I like these pictures you share and have seen or come across an album.

    • I wonder these things as well. Were they happy? Did they have a long life? Where are they buried? The smooth bodice comes from flat lining and boning…similar to what they had in the corset. I use zip ties in mine…whale bone is obviously not an option. The watch is going into a pocket which sometimes were obvious pockets on the bodice and sometimes a hidden pocket slipped into the seams. Thanks for you comments!

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