Where was I?

In my last post I shared the photos of my completed Olive Dress.  What I didn’t tell you was where I was when those photos were taken.  I was actually an unpaid extra in a movie about the 1919 General strike in Winnipeg that became a very prominent event in the history of Canada. 30 thousand workers from many classes and ethnic groups came together and marched and basically shut down the whole city.  The strike was so effective that the Canadian government (for fear that there would be sympathetic strikes across the country) became involved and the leaders were arrested.

The scenes I and the other extras were involved in were the street marches and the rush of deputized RCMP’s on horseback who were sent in to break up the strike. This resulted in several injuries and one death.

Three perks to the event…

  1. New life experience to add to my memories.  Not a bucket list thing but pretty cool non the less.  I wonder if this film will ever move beyond film festivals to a venue I might actually see it.39976357_2194916177204057_72800769409024000_o
  2. I found a person that might actually buy some of my costumes off of me.  I have about 3 that I’m not really in love with anymore and if I made something that I liked better, I’d be happy to part with them.
  3. I actually got offered a job.  It is to work as a casual seamstress in the costume department.  The deal is that if a production requires more costumes than the costume department can crank out, they will call on casuals to step in an help out.  The money could be quite good, and according the person I spoke to, they always need help.  Since I’ve never sewed for other people, this is a daunting thought!  I’m curious enough to want to ask more questions but scared enough to believe that I wont go for it.39953553_2194288170600191_7851649054055333888_n

I wish I had some more photos to share with you but something went screwy with my camera and I lost all my photos.


Nothing like a dead line to get a UFO to the finish line.  1909 Olive dress is done.  Finally.  I only conceived of the idea and bought the fabric 2 years ago!  It had its first trip out last Thursday.  There are a couple of things I hope to tweek eventually but for now it is done and wearable.



One of the things I want to fix on this dress is the decorative buttons on the bodice.  They need to move up a bit.  I have to remember to smooth down the bodice over the “girls” after I lift my arms.  Other than that, I am happy with how it turned out. It was pretty comfy.





Few of my favorite things: Sir John A MacDonald’s clock

In the study at Dalnavert Museum there is a clock on the mantle.


Dalnavert was built by Hugh MacDonald, the only surviving son of Sir John A MacDonald, first Prime Minister of Canada.

There only a few pieces in the museum that belonged to the family (most of the original items in the house were auctioned off after Hugh died and his wife sold and moved out).  The clock on the mantle is a MacDonald family heirloom.


It was once in Hugh’s father’s office.  I’ve been up close to an item owned by the first Prime Minister of Canada.  So cool!

Tuesday’s treasure: blingy Edwardian shoes

I get to do this blog post on my computer.  It isn’t working perfectly (the battery I ordered may resolve the final issue) but for now it is at least usable.  Yeah!  No more pecking away on my phone!

Last Tuesday I had another session at the Costume Museum.  This past session was focused on going through the shoes and jewelry.  I’ve been through some of the shoes a couple of years ago so if these darlings a repeat I beg your forgiveness!


Aren’t they amazing!




Remember that shopping score last week?

As you recall I got a good score last week.

Pictures were part of that score. One was a stereoscope card. The picture is of a group of people frightened by a ghost.

The “ghost” was done with a double exposure.

I also got a carte de visite of a mom with two young children. Someone asked if thought it was a post mortem picture (child on the right) but I don’t think so.

The photo was taken in Northfield MN and judging by her elaborate hair style, it could be from the 1870s.

Holiday with the animals

My computer is still broken. I am still pecking with one finger on my phone so you get another week of less wordy posts.

I was on holiday this week and the hubby and I went to see Kismet Creek Farm and the Winnipeg zoo. 

At the zoo, the wolves gave us an up close and personal view.

The polar bear was enjoying a cool dip in his pool.

He was having a great time with his toy.

I like the seals.

At Kismet Creek Farm there were donkeys.


And llamas.

Maybe I can work out a deal for some of that wool!

Look! A goat in a boat!

The farm is a rescue for at risk animals. Polkadot has some obvious jaw issues.

Gotta love the animals!

Another sale!

The Costume Museum of Canada is selling off some of the unaccessioned items that don’t fit the current need or mandate. Last month it was buttons and this month it was patterns, lace and some brickabrac. I scored again!

I got some carte de visited that I will share another time. I got some glove stretchers.

These will handy (pun intended) for the gloves I own which are too tight for my cubby paws.

I got some nice lace that will work as a lappet. 

So dainty.

I also got two prices of lace that may work on the skirt of my latest project or on sleeves.

I may be able to make my own lace with my very own lace thingy. Step one: learn what it is called.

I got an amazing collar that looks very Edwardian to me. It is about half the size of my neck so I will have to make some clever changes to it if I am ever to wear it.

I got another apron which I adore! 

And finally and very randomly I got a beaded hummingbird that I have hung in my car to give me joy while I drive.

Few of my favorite things: the Warriors

My computer is still broken so you get another post done with the hunt and peck typing method on my phone.

My favorite things feature is about different things I can get up close to and study, now that I am a volunteer at Dalnavert and not a tourist. For this post, we will go into Hugh McDonald’s study.

I love these little figures. 

Most of the items in the house were not originally owned by the McDonald’s but they are appropriate to the date of the house and one could easily imagine them in a Victorian gentleman’s study.