Nothing like a dead line to get a UFO to the finish line.  1909 Olive dress is done.  Finally.  I only conceived of the idea and bought the fabric 2 years ago!  It had its first trip out last Thursday.  There are a couple of things I hope to tweek eventually but for now it is done and wearable.



One of the things I want to fix on this dress is the decorative buttons on the bodice.  They need to move up a bit.  I have to remember to smooth down the bodice over the “girls” after I lift my arms.  Other than that, I am happy with how it turned out. It was pretty comfy.





2 thoughts on “Done!

  1. flaregirl55 says:

    I think it is amazing I do love the buttons you made and the color is perfect. The style is one I do enjoy it is also a very flattering dress. Never cut your hair that Gibson is nice with the age of the dress, but you know that. I think I have mentioned that I am a artist and I have painting a few items from that decade. I would love some pictures of the wee items the ladies wore on their waistline belts. Do you know were one could obtain such information. Take care!

    Sandra A.

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