Tuesday’s treasures: a new exhibit

I used to do a feature I called Tuesday’s treasures.  I would volunteer at the Costume Museum on Tuesdays and I’d share something I saw.  Then, for two years I couldn’t volunteer so the feature died.  I’m back at it now so let’s see if I can resurrect this old feature.

This past Tuesday the museum was setting up a new pop up exhibit in our work space.  It is ladies undies and PJ’s through the ages.  I didn’t take photos of everything…just the stuff I’m interested in or that I worked on.


I wasn’t too wildly excited about all that white cotton and linen but the travelling case they are displayed in is pretty awesome.

My main job was setting up the display drawers with fans, stockings and jewelry.  My work mate and I decided not to go with consistent dates in each drawer but more along the lines of color and pattern.


The black lace drawer.

The swirl in the middle is a hair necklace and just above that is a hair brooch.


The white drawer.

The carved fan on the bottom middle is lovely!


This drawer is a bit of a mish mash. They would have suited other drawers but there was already to many other items in them. Lets call it the overflow drawer!

There are two chainmail purses in this drawer.  If you look at the fan in the top/middle…just to left of it is a small coin purse and just below the fan is a slightly larger one with finer links.


This drawer featured painted fans.  I adore the bag in the middle!




The pink and mauve drawer.

The fan on the bottom middle has a cool little metal lever in the slot. Moving the lever up and down will open and close the fan!


The beads and feathers drawer.

The two little pins on the bottom are pictures of birds made with tiny little feathers.


The paper drawer. The fans are mostly made of paper.

Guess which one is my favorite!



My latest foray into the Edwardian era has me interested in these undies. I don’t need more junk in my trunk but the corset cover could be useful.


More goodies

I haven’t been very productive and I haven’t been getting out much so I don’t have much to say for myself here.  So you get another post on my shopping sprees!

The last spree provided some vintage lace.  Don’t know what I will do with them but they will have a life with me.


There was a string of random buttons. I think someone may have been trying to make a charm string.

I will take a quote from a Sentimental Quilter.

“In Stories of Mother Goose, little Tommy Tucker says, ‘You know what a charm string is. Just ever so many pretty buttons strung together and worn around your neck.’ Nineteenth century folk wisdom had it that a girl should acquire 999 buttons on a string. When she added the thousandth, she would meet her Prince Charming.”

One more item…IMG_20180916_210704317

A print of a fashion plate from 1869.  This will look nice when framed and hung on my sewing room wall.

Flea Market score: Part 2

As part of my anniversary gift this past weekend, I got a stack of cards for my stereoscope.  Some in better shape than others.  I do wish I could make them 3d for you.


I love the little girl with her cat. It doesn’t even look stuffed.


Keeping with the animal theme, a couple of cows.


Rascal up to no good!


More shenanigans!


What is shenanigans without someone to gossip about it!


Family life?


A stereoscope card of a woman looking at a stereoscope.


Check out the lady’s skirt on the left. Nice eh?


Very faded but surprisingly good in the stereoscope. I guess looking at two pictures at the same time makes if more sharp.


Nice colored one.


Apparently weighing the baby was a big deal!

Not a bad haul in my opinion!


Flea market score: part 1

Sunday, the hubby and I celebrated 29 years of marriage.  I am a good wife and I know Sunday is football day so I suggested we celebrate on Saturday.  I am also a smart wife.  I asked the hubby on Saturday if he had bought my gift yet.  He hadn’t.  To his credit, I hadn’t bought his either.  So I suggested that we go to a flea market and we each buy something we want and that would be our gift from the other.  He agreed (likely was relieved to have gotten out of the horror of trying to shop for me.)

I “got” two things for the anniversary and I will share them both with you, dear readers, this week.

I got this lovely little doll!


Done in 1890’s style.


The skirt is velvet and the top so some sort of satin.


She now has a prominent space in the sewing room.

Me Made Purse

Money is a bit tight…well not really.  I’m just a bit cheap.  I have been using a purse for the last little while that is falling apart.  At first I didn’t care but it got to the point that I was embarrassed by it.IMG_20180903_154546691

So I decided I needed a new one but I didn’t want to spend the money on it.  I thought I’d do a bit of stash busting and selected some fabric left over from a mantle I made.


I didn’t use or make a pattern.  I just winged it as I went along.


I put two huge pockets on the front and back (all girls love a pocket!)

And I cut the rings and clips off of the old purse.


I’m not loving how it hangs…I made it too wide.  Apparently you can have too much space in a purse.  IMG_20180903_160359812

For now it will do until I can find a purse I am willing to cough up real money for.  Then it will serve as a carry all.